Research conducted in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, a threatened tropical forested ecosystem, shows that young regenerating forests may have short lifespans, which has serious implications for restoration efforts in tropical regions. Click on the link below to know more:

Check out in this recent piece in the NY TIMES (link below) to know more how our lab is using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to learn how different tree species are affected by hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

Prof. Uriarte research was featured on Gizmodo following her presentation at the American Geophysical Union conference last December.

Discover more about the use of high resolution imagery to quantify hurricane Maria damage on Puerto Rican Forests accessing the link below:

In April a team of NASA scientists traveled to Puerto Rico with airborne instrumentation to survey damages from Hurricane Maria to the island’s forests. Watch it on the link below:

NY Times journalist Henry Fountain traveled to Puerto Rico to cover the research conducted by the Uriarte Lab on the impacts of hurricane Maria on Puerto Rican Forests. He followed our group for one week to document our efforts to quantify and understand the extent of the damage that these extremes events have on tropical forests.

Want to know more? Just click on the image below: