1. Impacts of severe drought on tropical forest post-disturbance recovery. (learn more)

2. Effects of land cover change and climate variability on water delivery services in Puerto Rico. (learn more)

3. Interactive effects of droughts and hurricanes on long-term community dynamics in subtropical wet forests. (learn more)

4. A neighborhood approach to the biogeography of Puerto Rican trees. (learn more)

5. RAPID: Hurricane Maria: Assessing landscape resilience to a changing disturbance regime. (learn more)

6. Catastrophic Forest Disturbance and Regrowth in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria: Benchmarks for Earth System Models from Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing Measurements. (learn more)

7. Ensuring sustainable water provision in the face of extreme precipitation events and human land use in the watersheds of the Cantareira System, Brazil. (learn more)


1. Impacts of landscape configuration on plant recruitment in Amazonia. (learn more)

2. Fires in Western Amazonia: Understanding the roles of climatic, social, demographic, and land use change. (learn more)

3. Successional vegetation dynamics in wet tropical forests at multiple scales: integrating neighborhood effects, functional traits, and phylogeny. (learn more)

4. Climate change impacts on forest biodiversity: individual risk to sub-continental impacts. (learn more)

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